July 18 2019 00:03:22
Owl City, Shawn Chrystopher - Alligator Sky
Новый совместный видеоклип от Owl City и Shawn Chrystopher на композицию под названием «Alligator Sky» в котором исполнители в довольно-таки странных одеяния гуляют по полуразрушенному городу. Американский синтипоп-исполнитель Owl City и рэппер Shawn Chrystopher покидают Землю в футуристическом клипе на песню Alligator Sky - 1-й сингл с альбома All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Слова песни: Owl City, Shawn Chrystopher - Alligator Sky

Where was I when the rockets came to life
And carried you away into the alligator sky
Even though, I'll never know what's up ahead
I'm never lettin' go, I'm never lettin' go

[Shawn Chrystopher: Rap Verse 1]
Uh uh, that's not a plane, that's me
I'm sittin' where I'm supposed to
Floatin' on the cloud, can't nobody come close to
The concrete and the sky switch places
So now my ceiling is painted with cosmic spaces
Firecracker to the moon, keep your eyes shut
Blastin' off like a rocket from the ground up
Heh, I used to catch a cab on the Monday
Now the taxi's sellin' lights on the runway, fly
Condo on the milky way
A house on the cloud and God's my landlord
And for my rent all I pay is my drive
Got that? so if you need me
You can find me in the alligator sky


Roller coaster through the atmosphere
I'm drowning in this starry serenade
Where ecstasy becomes cavalier
My imagination's taking me away

Reverie whispered in my ear
I'm scared to death that I'll never be afraid
Roller coaster through the atmosphere
My imagination's taking me away

[Shawn Chrystopher: Rap Verse 2]
Uh, now I'mma dance like I never dance
Sing like I never sing, dream like I've never dreamed
Or try to, 'cause we've been lied to
That the sun is somethin' that we can't fly to
Well, I sit on my star and see street lights
Look up, ha, you'll miss me if you blink twice
Imagination is hot and if you got it you can meet me
When you see me in the alligator sky


In the alligator sky...