October 21 2019 01:37:22
Tyler the Creator - Yonkers
Самый интересный реп проект последнего времени Odd Future. Клип Yonkers от неофициального создателя Odd Future - Tyler, The Creator. Эта работа как и все остальные от этих ребят просто жесть. Здесь он ест таракана не сдерживая рвотный рефлекс, после чего сам залазит в петлю, и всё это под отличный минус.

Звучит всё действительно отвратительно, но тем не менее творчество Odd Future уже завоевало себе миллионы фанатов. Swag!

Слова песни: Tyler the Creator - Yonkers

Ima fuckin walkin paradox, no I'm not,
3 sins with a fuckin tri ceratops,
Reptar, rappin as I'm out the death rockstar,
With synthetic wigs, made of anwars, dreadslocks,
Bedrock, harder then a mother fuckin flinstone,
Makin crack rocksut of piss and niggas fishbone,
Haha this nigga jasmine tryin to get grown,
About 5 7 of this bitch is in my bedroom,
Swallow the cinnamon, ima scribble this shit and shit,
My sid is tell me she's been gettin intimate with men,
Sid shut the fuck up, heres the number to my therapist,
Tell her all your problems she's fuckin awesome at listenin.

(Chorus music)
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Jeses called said he's sick of the dissin I told him to quit bitchin and sends him a fuckin ipod,
4 fuckin shrimp, sheash I already got mine,
And he's not fuckin workin I think I'm wastin my damn time,
I probably b past 6 and goin personal and revenge of the dicks that's narcotics in crack krimes,
This aint no v tech shit, but calobine, after bowlin I went home time for adventure time,
I slipt myself some pink zaniez,
Danced around the house and all over the pink panties,
Moms gone the fuckin blonde will never understand me,
I'm not gay I just wanna blow into some Fuck her, woof haley rob and em
I crash that fuckin airplane at that faggot nigga bobbazin,
And stab bruno mars in his damn asophugas and wont stop til the cops come in.

Ima over achiever,
So how about I start a team of leaders and pick up Stevie Wonder to be the wide reciever,
Green paper, gold teeth and pregnant gold retreivers,
All I want,
Fuck money, diamonds and bitches don't need em.
But where the fat ones at,
I got somethin to feed em,
Did some cookin which the black kids never wanted to eat em,
Snap back green chi chi chia fuckin leaves,
Wait a couple months til Damn.

Ughhh wooof haley uhhhhhhh wooooof damn

Uhhhh woooof haley

Wooooof damn

Got the girls vibin.

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